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Version 2.5.3 for macOS ()

Version 1.2 for iOS ()

5 out of 5 stars

Wonderful App! Helped me immensely to review my videos. Best dashcam app for Teslas. Full of features and easy to use tools for a review.

5 out of 5 stars

Great viewer. Works like a charm.

5 out of 5 stars

Best mac app! It combines continuous clips together, easy to delete, shows location, the playback speed feature is super useful, doesn't crash.

Focus Dashcam Organizer features the ability to manage, share, and flag Tesla Dashcam videos on the iPhone, iPad, and the Mac.


Find the video you're looking for

Focus helps you find the video you're looking for quickly and efficiently. No more searching through an endless list to locate the event you've had on your mind. Use the built-in calendar to find events on they day they happened. Flag an event so you can find it again quickly. On macOS, use the list view to organize by date or location. Focus is built for convenience.


Scrub videos quickly

Tired of dragging a scroller across the screen only to have your software jump back and lose position? Focus has been built to quickly and accurately scrub videos to find what you're looking for. Play videos up to 10X speed on macOS, or pause and move one frame at a time, all using simple keyboard commands*.

* Scrub speed will depend on your computers capabilities and the speed of the drive. Play speed adjustment is available on macOS.


Only the clips you need

Sentry videos can be large, and as Tesla adds more cameras, they just get larger. If you need a portion of an event, or from a particular camera - Focus has you covered. The built-in editor on macOS allows you to mark the portions of an event you want to export and share, then export it with a single click. Choose all views or zoom in on a particular view - Focus will export only what you need. On macOS, Focus will even detect corrupt frames in the source video and clean them up to make them exportable.

On the App Store

One purchase gets you both macOS and iOS companion app.

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On our Store

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Focus for the Mac is compatible with macOS 10.13+.
Focus for iOS is compatible with iOS/iPadOS 13+.


We respond as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.

Other Features
The obligatory checklist
  • Quick identification of where and when Sentry events took place. The nearest city is listed in the event listing, and clicking an event allows you to jump directly to the time Sentry mode was activated, as well as see where the event occurred on the integrated map. (macOS only)
  • Sort by location or date. (macOS only)
  • Built in clip selection and export. Select multiple clips from the new video scrubber and export portions of your dashcam videos. No more exporting entire 10 minutes videos only to have to edit in other programs! (macOS only)
  • V10 support - view 4 cameras (front, back, left and right repeaters) at once.
  • A built in calendar that allows you to easily locate videos, showing you at a glance how many events occurred on a given date.
  • 60 second videos are automatically stitched together so you can seamlessly view TeslaCam events.
  • All cameras can be viewed at once, or you can zoom to a particular camera for a larger view.
  • Videos can be exported in various sizes. Export all cameras to one video, or export individual cameras. (macOS only)
  • Flag videos of interest to review later.
  • Delete videos that you no longer need right inside of Focus.
  • Filter videos by event type (Sentry, Recent or Saved). (macOS only)
  • Adjust the speed of the videos to scan through a large number of videos at once (from 0 to 10 times speed). (macOS only)
  • Support for full screen (on macOS) and dark mode.
  • Tested with videos produced by both HW2.5 and HW3 versions of Autopilot.
  • Automatically locates the inserted drive when the "Select TeslaCam folder..." button is clicked, but you can also select an archived TeslaCam folder on any storage device. (macOS only)
  • Recent, Sentry, and Saved videos are automatically integrated into the calendar.
  • Native Apple M1 support.
  • Jump to sentry event. (macOS only)
  • Keyboard editing with frame by frame scanning. (macOS only)
  • Transcode option to clean up corrupt videos and save space. (macOS only)