Release Notes

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Dashcam Organizer

Version 1.2
Released ()
  • Videos are now ordered by date in the list view
  • When a video is flagged, the calendar view reflects a flagged video by a red dot on the appropriate date. This makes it easy to determine at a glance where a flagged video appears.
  • More flexibility in finding clips. Focus no longer requires a fixed folder structure for events, events can be located by clicking on any top-level folder whose descendants contain files in the proper format. This is especially useful for those with multiple cars.
  • Recent clips are handled better. It was brought to our attention that people using the teslausb software that recent clips were all dumped into one folder. This is now handled correctly.
  • Added "Locate video in Finder" button to quickly find the original clips in the Finder.
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue where all videos were briefly shown before the calendar filtered on load.
  • Colors are more consistently used in the calendar.