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Dashcam Organizer

Version 2.0
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  • Revamped viewer now handles corrupt videos better.
  • Subtitle in event list now shows the city where a Sentry event occurred.
  • Sentry events now show up on the scrubber view as a red circle for easy identification.
  • A new "jump to Sentry event" button next to the play/pause button allows you to jump directly to the event that triggered the recording
  • Clicking the location button shows a map with a pin dropped on the location where the event occurred. The pin is labeled with the city as well as the reason that the event occurred, e.g. "Sentry detected object".
  • Clicking on a camera changes the visual scrubber to show that specific camera, double clicking enlarges the camera to fill the window.
  • Fixes an an issue on some Macs where videos with minor corruptions would bounce from one area of the window to another.
  • 1 to 9, 0 keys change the speed from 1X to 9X and 10X.
  • The playback rate is saved across restarts.