Getting Started with Focus

  • 1
    Swap views. This toggles between the Calendar (2) and the List Only view. The Calendar view contains all your videos organized by date. The List Only view contains all your videos in a (potentially long) list.
  • 2
    Calendar. The Calendar view shows each of your videos as a dot underneath the day on the calendar (up to four videos). Five or more videos are shown as a solid line. Dots are red when a given video is flagged (see 5) below. Clicking a date in the calendar shows you a listing of videos in the List view (4) for that date. You can navigate months by using the left and right arrows in the top right of the calendar, or by clicking the "today" button to return to the current date.
  • 3
    Video filter. Any of the three buttons can be toggled to show videos of a certain type (Sentry Clips - new in Tesla V10 software, Saved Clips, or Recent Clips)
  • 4
    List view. The list view shows the date of a given recording, as well as the type of video.
  • 5
    Video actions. From left to right, the buttons are:
    • Flag video. Flags the selected video so it's easy to find both in the Calendar and the List.
    • Export video. Exports the selected video, or a portion of a video if selection(s) are made in the video scrubber (8).
    • Locate in Finder. Opens a Finder window with the selected video.
    • Delete video. Deletes the selected video.
  • 6
    Video Rate. The video rate control allows you to slow down or speed up the video as it's playing (from 0x to 10x).
  • 7
    Show Scrubber. This toggles the video scrubber (8) on or off.
  • 8
    Video Scrubber. The video scrubber displays thumbnails of the video through time. You can hover over the scrubber with your mouse to jump to different locations of the video quickly. You can also select and deselect parts of the video for exporting small clips. See the help link for the video scrubber for details on how to use the scrubber to export clips.
  • 9
    Video Viewer. The video viewer shows the current selection from the List view (4). By default, it shows all four cameras (if available). You can also click on a camera view in the Video Viewer to enlarge one specific camera. Clicking an enlarged camera view returns you to the original four camera view.