Jun 14, 2019Everything old is new

New software at Boundary Labs.

I've been working on Memoir 3 for about the last two years, going in fits and starts between consulting work and working on another startup company, Microdevice Engineering. As I've transitioned out of consulting and my requirements at the other business have been reduced, Memoir development has picked up steam - and I'm finally ready to announce a brand new version, Memoir.

Memoir 3 is a complete rewrite of the original version. The interface has been streamlined, and support for many of the latest macOS features are included. The product page has more detail, and the help files have been moved online so it's easier to see how Memoir operates. As always, a free trial is available, so you can purchase Memoir after you see if it's a good fit. Memoir 3 is a free upgrade for existing users, macOS 10.13 and higher.


Now that Memoir is out the door, Dossier is up next. In the past, much of the code has been shared between the two programs; with Memoir 3 this has changed. Memoir will remain a application focused on keeping notes on your Mac. Dossier will evolve into something larger, keeping it's advanced features (and adding more) while also moving onto Apple's other platforms. Much of the knowledge gained in Memoir will lend itself to Dossier, resulting in a quicker release. Dossier is still in the planning phase, so I won't have details on the release date and new features for some time.

All that being said, the current version of Dossier is long in the tooth. I've removed it from the Mac App Store, as I could not provide a meaningful update within Apple's requested timeline. Today, Dossier has been updated to version 2.7.3. I've also reduced the price to $14.99, with a free upgrade to version 3. A more substantial update is in the works, fixing bugs that have cropped up over the years with new macOS releases, and adding some new features. At it's core, Dossier is still a very capable program - and I now have the time to keep it maintained until I can complete work on a rewrite.

Licensing and Serial Numbers

The majority of sales of both Memoir and Dossier have gone through the Mac App Store. The Memoir 3 update will be available on the App Store soon. For those who bought directly from Boundary Labs, new licenses are now available for the latest releases of Memoir and Dossier. A new license is required for the latest versions, though the upgrade is free. Please email us if you do not receive the new license via email.

New Website

We have a new website that has been written from the ground up in Swift using the Vapor framework. I've so far focused on enabling purchasing and integrating with our eCommerce partner (FastSpring), so I feel like things are a bit bare at the moment. It will fill out over the coming months, with a focus on help and support content.

This Blog

Lastly, there's this blog. As the tagline above notes, I don't intend it to be a product blog (or not specifically a product blog). On the previous website, I've occasionally posted tutorials or experiences on getting tricky things to work on macOS. These were sometimes hidden, posted for my own future use or sent along to someone who was having technical issues similar to my own. So, instead of a product blog, I'll be keeping those kinds of things here.

That's it for now. If you have any questions or comments, I'm reachable both via email at rob@boundarylabs.com and on Twitter at @rminerick.