MemoirGetting Started

Memoir Window
  • 1
    Swap views. This toggles between the Organizer view (6) and the Calendar view.
  • 2
    Search. Type your search term into the search box, and your results are shown as you type. The view shown in 6 swaps into the Search view. Canceling the search (by clicking the x that appears in the right hand side of the search box) exits the Search view and returns you to your previous view.
  • 3
    Entry Title. The entry title can be changed by clicking this area, or by clicking the title in the Entry List view (7).
  • 4
    Entry Date. The entry date shows the date that the entry was created on. It can be clicked, bringing up a date selector to change the creation date. Alternatively, you can double click the date in the Entry List view (7), which also brings up a date selector.
  • 5
    Entry View. This contains the content of your entry. Enter rich text and import graphics here.
  • 6
    Organizer View. The organizer view allows you to organize your entries into hierarchical folders. If no folder is selected, new entries are placed in the "Unfiled Entries" folder. The Unfiled Entries folder is a special folder which cannot be deleted, and which can contain no other folders. Folders can be dragged and dropped between folders, and can be exported easily by dragging the folders to the Finder. Selected folders can also be exported by selecting the "Export Folders..." menu item in the "Folder" menu, or by using the Command-Shift-S keyboard combination.
  • 7
    Entry List View. The entry list view shows you the entries contained within the currently selected folders (if the organizer view is selected), or within the currently selected date (if the calendar view is selected). Like the organizer view, entries can be dragged and dropped on Folders in the organizer view, or exported to the Finder via drag and drop. Selected entries can also be exported by selecting the "Export Entries..." menu item in the "Entry" menu, or by using the Command-Option-S keyboard combination.