MemoirImporting Content

Note: Memoir uses a different locking system than previous versions, so locked notes will need to be unlocked before importing.

To increase reliability and performance, Memoir 3 uses a different storage mechanism than previous versions. Previous data files need to be imported into Memoir. To do so, you must locate the Memoir.memr file. This file is stored in your home folder, under several layers of subdirectories. To access the file in the Finder, select the "Go to Folder..." menu item under the "Go" menu or use the key combination Command-Shift-G. In the "Go to folder" sheet, type (or copy and paste) the following:

~/Library/Containers/com.vortimac.memoir/Data/Library/Application Support/Memoir/

You will then see something similar to the below in the Finder: Finder Import

You can then drag the Memoir.memr file into the Organizer and Memoir will import your old data.

Alternatively, you can import directly from Memoir by choosing "Import" from the "File" menu and navigating to the above file.

Accessing Old Files

If you need to access the old data file before importing (for example, to unlock folders or entries) and you've deleted the old version, you can download it here. To register the old version so you do not receive warnings, use the following registration information:

Registration Name: Demo
Serial Number: MEMOIRV001-3E92-4606-0QYP-7253-FCC0

Importing Dossier Files

Dossier files can be imported into Memoir by dragging the .dssr document into the Organizer. You can also import the .dssr file by choosing "Import" from the "File" menu in Memoir and navigating to the Dossier document.