MemoirCreating Content

To create a new Entry, select the "New Entry" item from the "Entry" menu as pictured below. Instead of using the mouse, you can also type Command-N to create the new entry or you can right click in the Entry List View and select "New Entry".

New Entry Creation

When a new entry is created, it is placed in the folder selected in the Organizer view. If no folder is selected, Memoir places the entry into the "Unfiled Entries" folder. The Unfiled Entries folder is a special folder which cannot be deleted, and which can contain no other folders. It can be renamed, however, and may be moved into other folders if desired.

If you have the Calendar view selected, new entries are automatically placed in the Unfiled Entries folder. New entries created in the calendar view are created on the date selected. This way, you may make entries for past or future dates simply by selecting the date on the calendar.

Memoir window after new entry created.

Creating Folders

New folders are created similarly to new entries. Select the "New Folder" item form the "Folder" menu as shown below. You may also use the Shift-Command-N key combination to create a new folder, or you can right click on the Organizer view and select "New Folder". Selecting a folder in the Organizer view and creating a new folder will place the new folder inside the selected folder.

Memoir window after new entry created.

The Entry View

The entry view (see Getting Started, region 5) is where the content of your entry is developed. The view supports rich text and images, and all standard macOS font and text features are available. You can show a ruler containing handy formatting shortcuts by choosing Text > Show Ruler from the "Format" menu.

The size of the entry view is determined not by the size of the Memoir window, but by the paper type selected in the "Page Setup..." menu item in the File menu.

Memoir window after new entry created.

The size of the entry view will automatically resize if you choose a new paper size or orientation. Likewise, you can change the Scale percentage and the contents of the entry view will resize to reflect the new scale value. This results in printed versions of Memoir looking identical to their on-screen representations.