Aug 13, 2019A Dashcam Viewer for Teslas

Introducing the new Focus Dashcam Organizer for Tesla vehicles.

One of the interesting things about Tesla cars is that they are packed full of cameras (8 of them on the Model 3). Tesla allows you to plug in a USB drive and click a button on the touch screen to save videos from the forward and two side cameras when an event of interest takes place. Earlier this year, Tesla also introduced a feature called Sentry Mode which uses the car's cameras to record activity when someone does something like lean on your car (or something more nefarious).

Focus started as a way to scratch my own itch, so to speak. What I'm ultimately interested in is playing with image recognition techniques and automatic detection of activity. I think this would make the Sentry Mode concept much easier to deal with on a regular basis - I mean, who wants to sit and skim through 60 second videos to figure out why the car was triggered?

This first release handles combining the videos from the three available cameras and merging them into one. The calendar functionality (which I shamelessly stole from Memoir) makes it much easier to find videos than just a big list view, and I find the flag feature works great for "interesting" videos. I think it's the most capable app of it's kind, and a solid first release. Having never actually done any video work prior to a month ago, there was a learning curve in getting this going, and so there's a lot of room for new features and improvements. We'll see where it goes!