Focus Dashcam OrganizerUsing the Video Scrubber

The video scrubber is a tool that allows you to quickly navigate through your dashcam clips. It is located at the bottom of the Focus Dashcam Viewer window.

Video Scrubber Demo

Version 1.4 introduced the video scrubber, designed to allow you to quickly select and export clips of interest within a video. This allows you to avoid the time consuming task of exporting an entire video and do your editing in a separate program.

You can quickly scroll through the video by hovering your mouse over the scrubber. A white line appears on the scrubber to show you your current location.

Selecting a range

To mark a clip for export, click the beginning of the area of interest (or use the "Command-y" key combination). A green line will appear, signifying that you have selected the beginning of a time range. To complete the selection, simply click the end of the area of interest or use the "Command-y" key combination again. The area you selected will be shown with a green overlay (as pictured above). Note that you can create the selection in either order, selecting the start point or the end point first.

The scrubber is not limited to one selection range. You may select as many ranges as you would like, and each range will be chained together when Focus exports.

It is also useful when editing to pause the video first, then use the keyboard shortcuts to move through the video frame by frame.

Deselecting a range

You can remove a selected range (or part of a selected range) by holding down the option key and clicking the scrubber (or by typing "option-m"). A red line will appear, marking the beginning of your cut. Clicking another location on the scrubber (or using the "Command-Option-y" key combination) will complete the cut selection, and the area will no longer be selected for export.


To initiate an export, click the "Export" button in the lower left hand corner of the window. If you have ranges selected, Focus will export only the selected ranges. If no range is selected, then the entire video will be exported. Whole video export can be slow, especially when all four cameras are exported at full resolution.

Currently, four export settings are supported:

  • Maximum resolution. This will export all four cameras in one video at maximum resolution (3840x2400).
  • 1920x1200
  • 1280x720
  • 640x480

Higher resolution videos can take some time to export, especially for large clips.